Students, Research Staff, and Post-Docs

If you are a prospective student that is interested in applying to the University of Toronto to study, you need to first get admitted through a department (e.g. Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Forestry, Chemistry, etc.) and follow their admission procedures. The Centre does not have an admissions program but you can look at the Faculty listing here in our website to help find professors with an interest in pulp and paper. While most of our students are graduate students, we also welcome interest from students in undergraduate programs as our faculty hire several summer students into their research labs.

If you are a student (graduate or undergraduate), postdoctoral fellow or researcher that is at the University of Toronto or is coming to the University of Toronto, then you simply need to contact our Director and/or Secretary and ask to be part of the Centre. We’ll put you on a mailing list, introduce you to our students, and introduce you to our student and other programs. Our student programs include, among other items: communications, team and leadership skills workshops; seminar and writing skills programs; student conferences and international and local tours of industrial facilities. While most students and other researchers have projects related to pulp and paper, this is not a requirement to you becoming involved. In fact, several of our students (including some in leadership positions) have not had projects with a direct link to the industry; often they are surprised to find that there is interest from our industrial partners because of the wide range of applicable topics to the industry. A list of our current Students and some of their activities is available here on our website and that of the Pulp & Paper Centre student organization TISCUT. If you find our programs to be of interest and you are willing to get involved, then you are welcome to join us!