Welcome to the Pulp and Paper Centre

The Pulp & Paper Centre at the University of Toronto, which exists within the umbrella of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, was founded in 1987 by Professor Doug Reeve, who was the Director for fifteen years. Although the Centre has grown and changed with the challenges that face the industry, its mission has remained the same:  to continue to facilitate partnerships between the University of Toronto and the pulp and paper industry in order to provide excellence in education,research,and information transfer.

(l to r):Associate Director Ning Yan, Director Honghi Tran and Associate Director Ramin Farnood

Since 2004, it has been directed by Professor Honghi Tran, together with Professors Ramin Farnood and Ning Yan (Forestry). Embracing the new biological and hi-tech tools in a multidisciplinary approach, the Centre has broadened its activities to include biorefinery research projects which seek to convert forest biomass and mill effluents into alternative sources of energy, including methane and bio-ethanol.