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Pulp and paper is a vital part of Canadian industry and, because of the Centre, it has a growing presence in the undergraduate curriculum at U of T through examples, experiments, etc. The Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry offers a course on Pulp and Paper Processes and there are several pulp and paper projects as part of the fourth year design course. The Professional Experience Year (PEY) program and summer work can also increase our undergraduates’ exposure to the industry.

Fundamental to postgraduate student teaching at the University and in the Centre is each student’s vigorous pursuit of a research project. We expect that students associated with the Centre will be further enriched by their exposure to the industry through mill visits and conferences. We place a high value on strengthening our students’ communication and leadership skills. We have a weekly seminar series and a writing program and encourage our students to work on teams that create conferences and field trips. Students also have the chance to broaden their horizons through collaborative research, enrollment in our new Graduate Student Technical Internship Program, and exchanges with other research establishments. We also provide a series of seminars and workshops that develop the professional skills (e.g., communication, team, and leadership) of our students.

Whether you are a student, researcher, or faculty member at the University of Toronto, or an industrial, government or other academic organization, it’s easy to become involved in the Pulp & Paper Centre. The Centre is here to facilitate partnerships between the University of Toronto and the pulp and paper industry to provide excellence in education, research and information transfer and so we welcome your participation.

The first step to getting involved is to contact the Director of the Centre and/or Secretary and express an interest in becoming involved. We’ll put you on our emailing list and then find out what your interest is and see how we can work together. Some general information on how Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Staff, and Faculty, as well as Industry, Government and other Academic Organizations get involved can be found in the various links oin the side navigation menu.